GARDA 500 Cut-Off

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GARDA 500 Cut-Off

GARDA 500 Cut-Off
I 084

In spun copperplate, burnished and transparent varnished. Asymmetrical Cut-Off optic. Flat screen in tempered glass (VEP). SUSPENSION mounting on BP brackets.
I 063 BP

IP54 - Quick replacement of the bulb. Stainless steel screws. Dim: Ø560x700.

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Code Item
I084ME070BP2VEP Metal Halide ME 70W Cl.2
I084ME100BP2VEP Metal Halide ME 100W Cl.2
I084ME150BP2VEP Metal Halide ME 150W Cl.2
I084ST070BP2VEP HP Sodium Vapor ST 70W Cl.2
I084ST100BP2VEP HP Sodium Vapor ST 100W Cl.2
I084ST150BP2VEP HP Sodium Vapor ST 150W Cl.2

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